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Why we love…

So moving on with the list of animals that we have and why we love them.
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Guinea Pigs

We love our little piggies here at Arewemad2 HQ. But why? Well (and again this is just my opinion) they are the perfect pet for children.

They don’t bite, are fairly easy to keep, either outside or inside, and they can be handled easily. They also provide lots of opportunities for children to learn how to care for an animal. They need cleaning out, feeding etc and this is something that children can be involved with on a daily basis.

We have 4 piggies and they live inside but they have lots of time out on the grass and they live a very happy life.

Moving on…


Jane Austen

Well I think the benefits are pretty clear when it comes to keeping chickens. Lovely free range eggs!

We have 6 girls and each one is so different from the other. I know that sounds strange after all a chicken is a chicken right? Wrong they are very different. Before keeping chickens I would have agreed with the vast majority. Let me start with one of our oldest birds and explain how different she is to the others.

Dotty is huge! She is also a freeloader. Hardly ever lays eggs (but when she does they are lovely big, white shelled ones!) She hates most other chickens – you can’t put any new ones in with her as she attacks them, although she does live with 2 companions in her coop at night. She is very entertaining when flies come near her. She tries to catch them (without much success). She is also very vocal and is the first to cluck at you in the morning (and mid-morning, lunchtime, early afternoon etc etc) Although she is old and a freeloader she is one of my favourites!

Now keeping chickens isn’t for everyone and I get that. But we love them and wouldn’t be without them now.


To be continued…

I will be concluding the list of animals in the next post so please come back and have a look.

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