Where is the time going?

Having spent the last couple of weeks teaching full time I am astonished at how fast the time seems to be going! I can hardly believe we are nearing the end of February already. I would like the time to slow down, but at the same time I have so much to look forward to.

Animal Update

The ponies are all gradually being bought back into work, thanks to my daughter who is a determined little soul. Hoping I can get back on board my boy soon.

They are coming out of winter really well. They are of course still on hay and now the weather is improving they are able to go out onto some of the verges in the field to eat some lovely grass that is springing up.

Margret Attwood et al the chickens are now starting to lay again and we are getting a few some lovely fresh eggs. We have sadly lost a couple of the girls due to age but we are hoping to get some more soon. I love having the chickens. They really do have different personalities which I adore.

The cats  seem to be enjoying the warmer weather too and are often found outside either lazing in a sunny spot or climbing a tree!

Bruno and Stingo the kittens are now so big and fluffy. They have very different ideas on how life should be. Bruno is happy to be treated like a prince and loves attention. Stingo is not as friendly and prefers to be out and about and generally having fun.

As for the dogs they  still love their walks although I hate to say that Sniffy is beginning to take longer to recover from them. He is 10 now and has arthritic joints. Thank goodness for supplements to keep him going.

Midnight is still as mad as ever and loves to chase around garden when not out on walks. He does however enjoy a cuddle at night. Problem is he thinks he is a lap dog, which he certainly isn’t, and he squashes me underneath himself!!!

Onto the rest of the pets including the rats, hamster and guinea pigs  and they are all well. The Guineas are loving being able to get out on the grass and they come in looking so much more content.

Grey pony smiling

In other news!!!

I have taken up a new hobby!!! Yes I know, when do I have time but sleep isn’t really needed is it??

Don’t laugh but I have started going out with my husband and doing some Metal Detecting. I never thought I would enjoy it, in fact I took the mickey out of Will quite a lot when he started. However I love it!

We have spent quite a few hours over the past couple of days out and about. It is a peaceful hobby and I have certainly upped by steps per day. I love the buzz (no pun intended but I’ll use it anyway!) of hearing the tone on the detector and digging to find out what it is. I have found a collection (hoard I believe is the term) of buttons! A few Roman and Victorian coins and numerous tin cans. I can’t wait to get out again.

Of course I can no longer take the mickey although you are welcome to 😂😂

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Lots of Love

S xxx