Just where did the summer go?

It only seems like a few days ago that we were in July and looking forward to 6 weeks off school.

We have been back to school for a week and it is like we have never been away!

We have had a great summer though.

One of the highlights was visiting a prison.

Now I know to many this probably sounds odd. However it was a fantastic day out!

I always knew I would be a terrible inmate as I hate enclosed spaces. And thankfully I have never been tempted to take the wrong path. But to actually go inside (pun intended) and look around a prison is a real eye opener.

My only experience of prisons up to this summer was watching Porridge! And I have to say that whoever designed that set had obviously visited the prison we were in. It was identical.

Now obviously this was a closed down prison but you really could get a feel for how it must have been for the inmates. The rooms were small with just the basics and the only natural light came in through a small window.

The exercise yard was spacious but imagine only being allowed out for a short time in a day.

There was a sign on the notice board stating that the meals were nutritious however you might not like it. Your choice was take it or leave it basically!

I strongly recommend that if you ever get the opportunity you go and visit a prison, as a visitor not an inmate.

What else?

Some of the other things we did over the summer was to visit a local zoo, visit the beach and of course take part in some of Will’s Walks (the husband is well known for saying to us “just a short walk” and 5 hours later we are still walking!)

Will’s Walks this year has been very helpful though as I am taking part in the Diabetes UK 1 million step challenge.

I am still working towards hitting my target so please feel free to sponsor me if you can at



I hope you have all had a great summer why not share some of what you did in the comments.

Much love as always

S xx