Testing Tuesday

Today we made an early start as Sam had Early Active Sports club. The day had started extremely well again. That alien must still have hold of the old Sam ?

So after completing all the normal house checks, you know the sort of thing lights off etc, I finally put the kittens in the bathroom and head off to school.

After both children were safely dropped off, I drove home musing about all the things I needed to get done today.

I get home and the first thing I do is put the kettle on, I need my caffeine fix. I then load the dishwasher and washing machine (yup EDF still loving me) and then I head for the bathroom.

2 kittens are sitting on the cabinet looking so innocent. But wait what the heck has happened to the toilet roll? Well to say there was more toilet roll on the floor than on the roll would just about sum it up ?

So I clear up mess, all the while using as many expletives as I could to tell Stingo and Bruno just what I thought of them.

So here for your amusement is the picture of what I saw…

Toilet roll everywhere

Stingo and Bruno’s audition for the Andrex gig!

Well actually that is just a small area of the bathroom that was trashed.

So I am now off to have another coffee, mmm decaff methinks!

Much love S xxx