Sleep who needs it?

Well not me apparently!

I could have got up at 2.30 am, despite not going to bed until after midnight! I managed to stay in bed till 4.30 am and then I had to get up.

Now I know many of you will think “She is mad” and yes I agree. But I have no idea why I am not sleeping! I used to sleep. I used to have good sleep. But this seems like a dim and distant memory.

So I got to thinking, well there is not much else to do at stupid o clock whilst everyone else is asleep, why do we need sleep?

I turned to my favourite page, Google!

Sleep is needed for the body to function properly! Guess mine’s not then. It also needs sleep to rejuvenate and repair tissues etc, not getting that then! The list goes on, consolidating memories, maintaining optimal health. I guess what I am saying is I’m not getting any of this!

My fantastic Fitbit (other brands are available but I love mine) states that my average sleep is 5 hours, although last night I got 3 hours 26 minutes. Wow I am finally not average at something! In fact I think I may be greater depth (teacher readers will understand this!!!) However I would love to be average!

So if anyone has any great ideas on how I can stay in bed, and be asleep, for longer please do let me know!

Other news

Well the animals are all asleep (lucky them!) Kit, our wonderful black cat, has decided that he will keep my company this morning. The kittens are running around like mad. The dogs just keeping looking at me as if to say “Walk time mum” but I don’t really fancy a walk in the dark!

The kids are sleeping. The husband is sleeping. Can you see a theme here?

One little snippet of randomness from Sam yesterday. We went swimming and the instructor took him to the deep end as they need to be able to swim in the deep before moving up a group! I was watching and Sam was doing fantastically well. Swimming across on doing front crawl and back stroke. He looked so confident!

On the way home in the car he suddenly stated “Well that nearly took my life.” What did I asked. “That swimming lesson” Why? “I couldn’t breathe and I nearly died” Did you tell the teacher? “No I knew he would finally see when I drowned and floated to the top” Oh Sam!!!

The shopping is due soon so I really should get dressed, no I am not naked! I am in my pj’s! So attractive!

So I’ll bid you farewell.

Hope you have a great day

Much love

S xxx

Despair face palm