Had a lovely couple of days what with haircuts (first in a year!!) and meeting up with friends and relatives.

Funny Boy

I have to share with you a funny couple of things that happened yesterday.

Sam, our boy, went swimming with school. Nothing unusual about that after all we go swimming every week and with no issues. However I forgot that I normally put his trunks on under his clothes and take a pair of pants with us for afterwards. But today I didn’t do this. I am greeted at the end of the day by the teacher who informs me that Sam has wet pants as he went in the swimming pool with them on! Oh Sammy boy what are you like?

The other thing that the boy did was proof that I have always encouraged my little darlings to tell the truth so…

Sam got into trouble by telling a member of the class that he was fat! When questioned Sam said that he didn’t say X was fat he said he was over weight!!! Well, ok this may well be true but Sammy boy you need a filter! We had a long chat about filters! You know what I mean, maybe you think it but don’t say it!

The girls are clucking

On another note the chickens, Jane Austen etc, are settled into life at the AWM2 headquarters. They are laying everyday which is fantastic. I have shown the other slackers¬†um I mean chickens the eggs and told them in no uncertain terms that this is what they should be producing. However I was greeted by blank stares, I guess they don’t give a cluck!

Argghhhh boys

Bruno and Stingo, the kittens are slowly driving me mad! As I type Bruno is trying desperately to get my attention by climbing all over the keyboard and so if you notice any errors you’ll know why.

Are you ready …

I am now off to do a screen test, no I’m not in the next James Bond (although if any producers are looking then look no further!),¬† nothing as glamorous as that but I have signed up to doing some product tests so I will share more if I manage to get through. So darlings its lights, camera, action!

Much love to all S xxx