Why do we read?

Strange question to ask I know. I am an avid reader. I read anything and everything, from books meant for children to classic novels, and lots in between!

I like books! The smell of a new book is second to none. A book in your hand is a great feeling.

However I also read on other medias. My Kindle being one of these. Now my kindle is old and I have been looking at renewing it so of course I went to the one site I know I can rely on in these circumstances and went to Amazon. Oh my things have changed haven’t they? When I got mine there was basically just a few to chose from but now there are lots. Paperwhite, with Alexa and so on. I just want a normal Kindle but I also like the idea of having a new one with funky add ons. Therefore I have added this one to my Christmas list

What I really like about this one  is the fact that it needs less charging than my older one. It also has 3G and Wifi so great for reading when out and about.

I am hoping that Father Christmas is reading my blog and will add it to his sleigh on Christmas eve!

Sitting in a chair looking happy

Letting Father Christmas know I have been good!


As you know I have changed my mindset to make myself more positive. Now I have been questioned on this by a few so I will try to explain it here but I am no expert!

I choose to be positive. I don’t have all I want but I do have all I need. Anyone can be choose how they feel. I have cut negative people out of my life. If someone tries to be negative around me I try to change the situation, if I can’t I walk away. I am no longer drawn into people’s issues. But how did I start?

Well this leads me back to reading.

As already stated I read lots. And during one of my reading sessions I happened upon a book dealing with the law of attraction. This in very, very basic terms means attracting what you want in life. Now before you think I’ve gone airy fairy I too was a bit sceptical but I can honestly say it works.

It is not something you can pick up and put down but by practising everyday it will give you the results in life that you desire! Honest. There is a saying about how it takes 30 days to form a habit (some state less but I prefer 30 days) and it is true.

If you are interested please do click on the link and read for yourself. I can’t guarantee you’ll be the next millionaire but I can say that you will feel much better about life in general!



Working Hard

I have been working hard, haven’t we all I hear you cry! Well yes we all do and it should be something you enjoy! Take for example my work with Neal’s Yard Remedies. I have given my first facial to a relative and they loved it, they even said it was very professional! Go ME ?

I enjoyed doing it.

They enjoyed receiving it!

Win win.

I also have been heavily promoting Usborne Books at home. I love reading (see back to the reading again!) and enjoy talking about the books I read. I also love children’s books and as a supply teacher I have read many!

I guess what I am trying to say is working hard at something you love doesn’t make it feel like work.

I also promote other sites on here from time to time only one company doesn’t allow it, which is fine, but I see it as a way of spreading the word. And you never know you might just see something you like!!!!

Don’t forget you can always visit my sites. The links are below.




I will be adding more sites as soon as I have had the confirmation to do so!

And Finally

Right lovely people it is time for a coffee! I will be back soon with more news on the children, animals and reviews. Please can I ask that if you like what you see that you share this post. Sharing is caring right?

And don’t forget to leave a comment on this post. I read all of the comments personally, not a bot in sight here.

Have a great day.

Much love

S xxx

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