So after a rather eventful day yesterday with operations and reserving chickens I had an invitation to carry out a pet food survey at Pets at Home. No problem, need cat litter anyway so off Imo and I go. Survey completed no problem (apart from looking highly suspicious recording a video in the middle of the aisle!) But then Imo calls me over to look at the pets for sale, ok no issue we don’t want/need another so fine. Anyway what I hadn’t factored in was my vulnerability when it comes to pets that need a home (really Sarah after the RSPCA visit!) anyway in one little cage is the most adorable little hamster I have ever seen. Alongside her is a note saying she needs to be adopted as she had been at the store a while. Somehow, I don’t know what happened, but I found myself walking over to the assistant and making enquires about her! So later today it looks like little Delilah will be coming home with us! Subject to availability of course.

In other news Sam had a great first day back at school and has told me that he is making a mummified tomato! How? I am sure all will be revealed. He also went to bed when told and apart from telling me to switch off my alarm this morning he was in rather a good mood. Long may it continue.  Immie is still off today so she is making the most of it.

Right off now to look at hamster cages! Did I mention that we are mad?!