Oh my days

So this morning I went to visit a dear friend for a coffee and a catch up. I put Stingo and Bruno in the bathroom for the morning. I am always worried that my dogs might hurt them (this is despite the fact that the dogs are indeed scared of the kittens but I digress). So I come home and open the bathroom door to, what I can only describe as carnage.

Toilet paper everywhere (think Andrex puppy on steriods), towels strewn across the bathroom floor and there on top of the bathroom cabinet are Stingo and Bruno looking like butter wouldn’t melt!

So I start to clean up the bathroom only to hear a clatter from the kitchen, out I go to have a look and there is Stingo on top of the worktop trying to get his treats but in the meantime clambering over a ladle (that was the clatter) and over the dishcloths!

Bruno is sitting looking up at Stingo, not sure if he was cheering him on, being a lookout or looking on with disgust!

So I get them a few treats and return to clearing up the bathroom. Bathroom finally done I put the kettle, washing machine and dishwasher on (think EDF are always happy when I am at home #profit). I then proceed to try to sit down and check my emails – stupid idea when 2 kittens are clearly up for some fun.

CLATTER, from the bathroom, more toilet roll everywhere. Back to coffee, BANG Stingo on the worktop AGAIN! Take him off give them some more food. Finally COFFEE! Five minutes later they are on the bed curled up together quite happy.

Moral of this story – keep your kittens full of food.

I am now going to have some lunch whilst all is quiet. But have a sneaking suspicion that they are going to hear the fridge door. Mmmmm maybe biscuits for lunch isn’t such a bad idea.