My updated bucket list

Do you have a bucket list? I know I do.

Whilst thinking about all the things I want to do I realised that some of the things I need to add are some of the more mundane things. You know the sort of thing the stuff that you promise yourself you will get round to and yet never seem to actually do!

With this in mind couple with the fact that I don’t want to live a boring life I have added a few new things that I will share with you now. They may seem trivial to many of you but they are all so important to me!

1 Finish off all the courses I signed up to online (currently on 20 saved courses!)
2 Be more proactive (I am a great procrastinator)
3 Go on a long distance horse ride (before a big birthday next year!)
4 Travel to some new counties in Great Britain.
5 Finish the extension.
6 Learn to crochet (a long held ambition!)

Okay so I will only share 6 with you as my list is never ending. However this list has got me thinking about all the things I need to do in order to achieve them. Some will be easy – being more proactive for example means I need to move my butt more and stop being a lazy ass!
However finishing the extension will require more effort and of course more money. Mmm not sure how to get more money – any suggestions ?
Finishing the courses requires time – something I don’t seem to have a lot of. Or maybe if we go back to the being proactive I will have the time!


So dear readers I am asking for a favour!
No I am not asking for money!!!
Can you a) Be my accountability partners? And b) Share some ideas on how I will achieve some of the items on the list?

I would be forever grateful!!

Just drop me a message and I promise I will read every single one.

Well that’s about all I have to say for the time being. Off to get some work done – Oh look at me being all proactive!!!

Much love as always

S xx