Monday morning already? How did that happen? 

Today something odd happened.

Now as you know Sam (the boy) does not do mornings! My normal response to what do you want for breakfast is greeted by  and?‍♂️ the words “I dunno” however this morning something very strange happened.

He got out of bed, after only 3 calls! He then entered the kitchen and asked, yes that’s right asked for cereal ?‍♀️What on earth is going on? Are we expecting blue snow? Anyway after he ate his cereal he then proceeded to the bathroom and lo and behold I heard his toothbrush actually being used  ? Now this is getting stranger by the minute. However he then goes to the bedroom, without prompting and finds his own clothes (a miracle) and puts them on. No moaning, no forgetting anything! Oh my days!!!

By now I am a little freaked out, I mean has an alien abducted my boy and sent me this one instead, if so thanks alien!

We then start the part of the day I normally dread the most. Getting into the car with all the equipment needed. Normally there are shouts of “I forgot my sandwiches” or even “I forgot to put on pants” however this morning I picked up Sams bag and he took it off me. “Mum you have enough to carry in life, I can carry my bag” Well what can I say? So I just say “thank you Sam” and walk to my car in a daze. Even Imo looked concerned!

We then get to school before the gates open. We stand and have a little chat, the gates open and off we go into the classroom with him sorting his own bag. ? Obviously I don’t know if this will continue but I am putting it out to the universe that I like this change and please can we keep this Sam, please, please, please!


On another note the day started badly for me.

I had run out of cat food.?

Now as the servant to 6 cats this was heavily frowned upon. So I gave them the last remaining tin between them. I then promised the little darlings that I would head straight to Morrison’s (other supermarkets are available) as soon as I had done the school run. So with purse and bags (yes I remembered) in hand I head into the supermarket. I choose a small trolley, well cat food in tins is heavy isn’t it!

Upon entering said supermarket right at the front of the store are muffins on sale. Now I have read all the money savings tricks and tips, but somehow those pesky muffins made their way into my trolley! Sneaky little things with their delicious chocolate chips.

So I am now determined to just get the cat food but… hang on the Dunkers (other brands blah blah)  are on special offer, well it would be rude to just walk past, so in they go.

Oh no! I know we are nearly out of cheese, best get some, so in that goes. Right cat food. Hang on a cotton picking second biscuits 2 for 80p? Well now that is a bargain. Right Sarah CAT FOOD. I make it into the aisle! With a sigh of relief I pick up the cat food place it in my trolley. I’ve done it now just to get to the checkout but…

Well the crunchy food was offer too, and the cats need crunchy food don’t they? So 2 bags of crunchy food later I head for the checkout.

So I very stupidly go for a self checkout. Why? There are no queues and people are waiting to take my money. But no I go for a self check out. So first two items fine, then “wait for assistant” pops up, there are no assistants. No that is a lie. Two assistants walked straight past but I guess they were not on “unexpected item in bagging area” duty! So I wait.

I look around and hope. After what seems like eternity, but in reality was probably only 2 minutes a lovely assistant appears, presses a button, scans a card and hey presto ? Bleep, bleep, “wait for assistant”

WTF she has just been here. Now she has gone off to sort out all the other self checkouts with red lights flashing like a beacon saying “This idiot needs help” so I wait. Lovely assistant returns, press button, scan card and yup it works again!

Bleep, bleep, bitta bing bong, bitta bing bong (Apple ringtone!)  Hang on that’s not the checkout. Oh my phone. Probably some sales call. I look and no it’s the husband. Right well I got this I can multi task, I am woman! So I chat with the husband, and carry on bleeping. “Are you shopping?” I hear the concern in his voice. “Yes love, we needed cat food and a few other things!” Oh he knows me so well!

Shopping finally scanned I look at the total. Nearly £28! Now that is some expensive cat food.


Anyway being the good servant that I am I have now fed the masters and am now off to supply the girls (chickens) with their daily bread, well not bread as they aren’t supposed to eat that, but daily meal worms sounded so wrong.

Have a lovely Monday all xxx