Last day of the year

Last day of the year! The year seems to have flown by but also it seems to have been a long year! It’s a strange thing time isn’t it? The beginning of a new year always brings a time for fresh starts, new beginnings, a new page – call it what you like it is a time to rejoice. Out with the old in with the new is a saying you hear a lot of. I like the idea of starting again, recreating yourself. It is something that I do a lot. Even though I do this a lot I often have to change my plans but never the goals.

What are your plans for 2019?

Mine are to

  1. Stay healthy
  2. Increase self-esteem
  3. Make money
  4. Be happy

Only 4 things at the moment but as I am always reconstructing my life I expect it to increase. I am currently watching “The Secret” and it is totally inspiring me. I also have the book – I will provide the link to this in another post!

Please leave a comment with your plans/goals! I would love to hear from you and try to respond to all comments.

Featured business

Today I bring to you a treat from the lovely Claire.

She has some fantastic deals on her page and the pictures are sure to inspire you!

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Here is the link to her page

Final thoughts

I would like to wish all of my readers a very Happy New Year. Enjoy the celebrations this evening and stay safe. We will be at home watching the fireworks outside as is our tradition.

I look forward to continuing to share the adventures here at Arewemad2 HQ in 2019. I wonder what the year will bring?

Much love as always

S xx

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