I’m back (part 2)

I’m back – and here to think about time and life (wow sounds scary!) I promise you it’s not!


Funny how time just flies by without you really noticing!

I meant to write this post about a week ago but somehow life just got in the way! Which is good I suppose in one way but not great in another.

Unfortunately since my last post, a member of the family has passed away. My cousin was an amazing person, so full of life and always up for a party. Sadly she lost her fight against cancer. Her funeral was one of the most emotional I have ever been to. However she leaves behind 3 lovely boys and we will all remember her.

Anyway, life goes on as they say and it is funny how a death can give you a new outlook on life.

Up until now I put things off. The great procrastinator that I am or should say was. Now I have a new outlook. I don’t wait until the time is right before doing something. There never is a right time after all. The old saying of live for today has become so relevant to me.

Moving on.

So as I now have a new perspective on life I have decided to feel the fear and do it anyway. Being out of my comfort zone isn’t very – well comfortable!

I am making some changes in my life.

I have been (in the dark and distant past) a fairly well accomplished horse rider. After losing my beloved Murphy (ok so he was a pain at times but her was lovely!) I have slowly become less and less confident. However life is for living and I WILL get back out there and start riding again! Phew there I have put it in writing. You are more than welcome to check up on my progress from time to time, in fact I encourage you to! Maybe if I have someone to be accountable to I will get my arse in gear and actually do it!

What next?

Well with my new outlook I will be continuing to move forwards – not point in looking back as that is not the way I am going. I have registered as a dog walker (like I haven’t enough of my own) I am hoping this will keep me busy in the months when supply is quiet. I will leave the link in case you are interested.

Sparkling Gifts will be continuing as this is something I enjoy also. I may have some more news on this front soon but for now I will say no more.

Eco Paradise is a fairly new venture for me but something that I am building up slowly.








So for now I bid you farewell.

Take care

Much love as always

S xx