Review of IAMS for Vitality

I (or rather the cats) were lucky enough to be picked to do a trial of IAMS for vitality. We received 3 big bags of the dry food. The  instructions told us try our own cats on it and also give out some samples to friends for them to try.

The trial beginnings

We gradually introduced the food to my cats as I know sudden change is not good for any animal. I gave them a small amount with their evening meal (yes they are treated like royalty!) and they absolutely loved it.

One of cats called Kit normally turns his nose up at any dry food, which if I am honest is a pain! However he loved this food. The food is easy to feed and the packaging is fab. It even managed to withstand one of the younger cats trying to open the bag himself to get out some more food!!! Naughty thing!

Getting Friends involved!

Moving on I  handed out samples to quite a few people or should I say cats to try. All I asked for in return was some feedback. The company had already provide me with feedback forms, this was extremely useful. Included in the trial pack was some money off vouchers to give to people so they could get more food with a significant amount of money off!

This went down well with my friends.

Feedback (feed get it!)

The feedback I gained was, in the whole, very positive. Most people said they would buy it in the future which is a great testimony to the product. I have already purchased some more as the cats loved it and they are so demanding!!!

Final survey is coming soon so I will be delighted to give such a positive review. I hope they like the information that I have gained for them.


All views expressed in this review are mine or the comments made from friends who trialled the product. I am in no way connected to or employed by IAMS and receive no financial compensation for reviewing the product.