Change for life

I used to be a glass half empty kinda person, although my coffee cup was never that empty! However I have made a few changes to my life that has made me realise that my glass is in fact overflowing!

It all happened about 10 months ago and here I will tell the story.

I am a teacher, I love teaching and I love the children that I work with. One Monday morning I was called in to do some extra supply, I was already working in the afternoon so it made sense to cover the morning as well. I was feeling a bit under the weather but felt sure that dosing up on paracetamol would get me through the day. However…


I was reading a story to a group of year one children as part of their English lesson. I started coughing and just couldn’t stop. The TA had to take over the reading whilst I ran to the nearest toilet and coughed until I felt sick. I managed to get some water down and I stopped coughing. I walked back into class with a red blotchy face, poor kids, and tried to carry on. But my voice had gone. It was nothing more than a very quiet whisper. I managed to see the morning through but got sent home at lunchtime. No problem I thought I would be fine the next day.


The next day I woke up feeling absolutely rubbish. There was no way I could get to work. Just taking the children to school tired me out. I resigned myself to the sofa and did as what we should all do in these circumstances, I Netflixed and chilled. Making sure all the while that I took medicine and drank loads. This continued for the next 5 days. I made an appointment to see my lovely doctor who told me I had a chest infection and sent me off with a prescription for antibiotics. Great I should soon be better. I could hardly wait for the antibiotics to start working. Still had no voice but hey with an infection that was to be expected, right?

What I hadn’t counted on was having no voice for the next 6 months!

Yes you read that right. 6 months with no voice. I had investigations, speech therapy and drank water almost by the bucketful but still the voice remained elusive.

I hated being off work, I hated the fact that I couldn’t do the simple things like answering a telephone. I was constantly apologising to everyone. It was horrible.


One day, whilst in the car on my own, I tried signing. I am not a great signer at the best of times but on this occasion I heard a noise! OK so it wasn’t a great noise but there was something! I told my speech therapist at my next appointment and we worked on this. By the end of the session I had a voice, not a strong one but one that at least was above a whisper. The first thing I did was call my husband. The feeling of relief was immense.

Normal life (whatever that is!)

It was great to have a voice again. Today I live everyday to the fullest. I have changed my mindset. I am much more positive. My cup is always full.¬† I have so much to be grateful for. We may not have the most money but everyday I wake up and feel glad to be “normal” again. I have a great family and of course the best animals in the world. I can be me again.


Achieving a positive mind set is easy. No honestly it is! I used to think I can’t do that or I don’t have the money to do whatever it was I wanted to do. Now I ask the universe to help. I know it sounds whacky but honestly try it. The law of attraction is a huge thing. I have already had so much help for the universe it is unreal. I needed a new laptop but having no money stopped me, however my shiny new Chromebook is now here and I love it. My husband is a recent convert and he just recently wanted to do a course but had little money, he asked the universe for help and lo and behold an email arrived offering 50% off.

I thank the universe regularly and am confident that my life will continue to get better and better!

I don’t know how it works but it does! There are many books written about it, so go on google it. It could be the best thing you’ll ever do.

Have a great day.

Much love

S xxx

My view as I work. Of course there is a Landie in it!