Happy New Year

Happy New year to all my readers. Who else is in complete and utter confusion over which day of the week it is?

So here we are in 2019. The year started with watching the fireworks which was fabulous as always. New Years day was fantastic as we celebrated my great nephew’s 2nd birthday. He is a cheeky little monkey but so lovely too. He had a lot of presents and I think he enjoyed his party, although he was looking mighty tired when we left.

The second day of 2019 we had a visit from some friends who flew their drone around and captured some fantastic pictures of the area. I had a go at flying the drone too but I am not confident that I did a good job. The daughter on the other hand was fab. They also bought out a gadget that allowed you to see exactly what the drone was seeing, it was just like flying! I loved the whole experience and am hoping that some of the pictures will be printed as they are beautiful.

And so here we are on the 3rd day of the year.

Today is going to be busy with farrier appointment, nail appointment and visiting my auntie.

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The secret

In my last post, which can be found here


I was watching The Secret. Now this is a life changing film and book. I am a huge believer in the law of attraction and how the universe works. This film/book will seriously make you think about life. I meet many people in my role as a supply teacher and also in other areas of my life and I am always surprised by how negative some people are. I try to stay as positive as I can, even in hard times as no one wants to hear about negative things, and yet some people are negative about almost everything. I find this quite sad as being this way impacts on the way life is led and how we interact with the universe.

However I am not here to say be positive and life will be great but I am saying try it! You have nothing to lose by being just a bit more upbeat. Life is not always going to be easy but every cloud and all that.

So I highly recommend you read The Secret or watch the film

If you would like to order the book it is available on the following link

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Have a great day!

Whatever you are doing today, I hope you have a great 3rd day of the year.

I’ll be back soon to share more with you all. Stay positive and remember to smile!

Much love as always

S xx