Autumn means change

I love this time of year. The changing colours, the misty mornings, the dew!

And so back to my goals.

Well you’ll be glad to hear I have manged the cup of coffee every morning. No surprise there as I love coffee.

Walking, mmmmm well lets just say it has improved but still not quite there. I am going to do it, perhaps you could all give me a shove?

Spending time doing things I love – yes I am. I have been doing some teaching and boy was it good to be back in the classroom. Loved it even though I know I would never go back to full time!

Getting and staying well. I have to say I am feeling FANTASTIC at the moment. So I guess the getting well is working now need to focus on maintaining it!

And the new ventures…

Well I have signed up to 2 companies with a 3rd on the cards!

The first one I want to tell you about is this one.

I am an Independent Usborne Organiser. This means that I am able to sell the beautiful books. I will not do the hard sell and to be honest I don’t need to because the books sell themselves. But if you would like a look at what I can offer please do visit my website or contact me for more details.

And the second one is?

This one is also very exciting and needs no introduction.

Neal's Yard

I first used Neal’s Yard products a few years ago so I know the products are fabulous. I use the hand cream every day and I love it.  Again the products sell themselves and yes of course there is a website it is

Feel free to contact me about this.


I will reveal this one as soon as I am able to. It is another exciting brand and one which I am sure you will love.


Now time for me to head off and make another cup of coffee. I have so much to do so it might even be full caffeine  ?

Have a brilliant day all.

Much love S xxx ?

Grey pony smiling