Exciting News

Exciting news from a very wet and windy Somerset.

Yesterday I had an epiphany. A glorious moment when all my ideas seemed to come together and put a plan in place. And with the support of the wonderful husband I am now taking action.

Now I don’t want to spill the beans to soon as this is a work in progress but there will be some new developments coming soon.

Now I know you will have questions such as …

So how is this exciting for me?

Why not tell us now?

I would tell you more but the name of Project X is yet to be decided.

As for what’s in it for you – well once it is announced I am sure you will love it!

Keep checking on Facebook and Instagram for further updates.

The links are http://www.facebook.com/arewemad2 and http://www.instagram.com/arewemad2

Of course I will also update on here as soon as possible

Thank you for reading

As a  little thank you for reading this sort post I am bringing you this wonderful opportunity for your children.

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Thank you once again for reading.

I will be back soon with news!

Take care

Much love as always

S x