Today I sat down and looked over the bank statements for the last month. It was not pleasant reading. Highlighting the “must pay” and the “cut down” amounts was very enlightening. I knew we wasted money but I didn’t know that it was so much!

My challenge is to cut out all unnecessary spending. Easier said than done I know but it has to happen.

Where shall I start?

Starting with the obvious. I take money out of the account and I spend it! There is nothing to show for it at the end of the day. But those £1.00 on a bag of sweets, or the £4.00 on some hair products really do mount up. So when I say there is nothing to show for it there are items to show but do I need those items.

It’s hard to cut back. However if I carry on in my present spending mode life is going to become very difficult and I have been there in the past and don’t want to go back.

Therefore starting NOW  I pledge to give up all unnecessary spending.

There it is in bold writing.

You dear readers will be more than welcome to join me on my challenge which I am going to break down into small steps below!

Comfort zone quote

Let’s step outside of the comfort zone. We can do this!

Step by step (one small change at a time)

  1. Stop taking cash out of your account. If you haven’t got the money in your wallet/purse you are much less likely to spend it!
  2. Think about your wants and needs. Wants are fine as long as you have the money. Needs are the essential  items you need to pay for think electricity etc. If you want it but do not need it THINK before you spend that cash. What value will this want bring to your life? Can you live without it? How about requesting it for Christmas or Birthday? Will you use it?
  3. Make sure you look at your bank statements at least once a week. By doing this you are much more aware of what is available. And you will notice your spending habits there in black and white. This can be a bit shocking but if you are not aware you cannot change. Go on – look NOW!
  4. Credit cards – try hard not to use them. I have and am paying my debt off slowly. I want to pay it quicker but until my finances change for the better I am stuck in a never ending circle of paying nothing off.
  5. Can you make more money? For example I am a supply teacher but things are fairly quiet at the moment. So I have gone back to doing a few surveys a day. It might only be pence that I am getting but those pennies add up. Plus you can do them whilst watching the TV. Just watch out for the questions that check you are paying attention.
  6. Are you arty, crafty or a good sales person? There are loads of opportunities out there for people that can sell things. I have looked at a lot of Network Marketing companies and whilst they all seem to offer riches beyond your wildest dreams don’t be fooled. However if you find the right company you can make a little bit of extra money. You may not become a millionaire but some people are making an extra £100 or so a month.
  7. Sell what you don’t need. Seems obvious but I bet you have many items in your house that you don’t need or use. Ebay, Facebook and Sphock are all great selling sites. Again it won’t make you lots of money but sometimes that extra £5 can be very useful.

So there are 7 steps to start with. Decide which ones you are going to commit to and do it!

I will be adding more to this thread in the next couple of days!

On a personal note

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Hope you all have a great day.

Much love

S xx

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