Welcome to my blog.

There are many other blogs but this is my blog.

So what I hear you say … well I thought long and hard about what to write and then…

Nothing! So why have a blog anyway?

Well I like to document things and I thought why not.

So first of all let me introduce myself and the rest of the crew. I am a 40 something mum of two. Married to the most patient man in the world (we’ll come back to why he is later!) and surrounded by dogs, cats, horses, chickens, guinea pigs and rats! Oh and spiders, we seem to get a lot of spiders!

The main aim of this site is to document the trials and tribulations of living in general. So today we will start with well… today!


Sam (my boy) has just started back at school, year 3. I can’t believe he is in KS2 already. So according to others I should have taken the first day back at school photo and posted it on social media for all to see that we are a loving, normal family. BIG FAIL. What really happened was me asking him to get up at least 5 times before he staggered out of bed. My fault I guess for not being stricter on bed times on holiday! Anyway I digress. He manages to make it to the living room and I ask what he wants for breakfast “I dunno” is the response. As usual it is up to me to decide what he wants from the “I dunno” so today being first day back he has a hot chocolate and cereal. I say cereal, I mean a cereal bar…with chocolate! Huge gasp, double chocolate on a school morning, what sort of mother allows that?

Anyway today we had to be out of the house early because I had to take Bruno, our recently adopted kitten, back to the RSPCA to have, um shall we just say a little operation. So Granny to the rescue. Over to Granny’s we go, Sam still half asleep but at the mention on pancakes he soon woke up! Then Immie (my girl who is still off due to INSET) and I head out to the RSPCA accompanied by a protesting cat who had not eaten since the night before and why the hell did he need to be in a cage!! We finally and I mean finally (traffic was bad) get there and he is taken through. Now I am just waiting till I can go and pick him up.

So that is the start of the day. My shopping delivery has just been, so we now have food until the dustbins, I mean children, find it and devour it before asking why do we never have any food!?

So I will leave now and update a little later.