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Autumn Goals

I love Autumn. I never used to. I used to see it as the end of a lovely summer and now we are heading for the dreaded winter but this year things have changed. I have a much more positive outlook on life now. I can’t stop Winter and actually I quite like it, you know snuggling up on the sofa, hot chocolate in hand, The Apprentice on the TV. So I have set myself a few realistic goals that I will now share with you!

  1. I am going to get up early every week day and enjoy a cup of fresh coffee.
  2.  I am going to walk more (at least 10,000 steps everyday!)
  3. I am going to succeed in my two new ventures.
  4. I am going to make time for the things I love.
  5. I am going to get and stay well.

So there are just 5 things that I am going to do this Autumn.


I have to be accountable in many areas of my life so you guys, the lovely lot that you are are going to make sure that I am accountable for the above. I will update you all with the progress I am making and include media so you can see that I am telling the truth! The one that worries me the most is the walking, I used to walk miles every day but now I’m not so good. My Fitbit doesn’t lie!

Why not join me?

If you have a list of Autumn goals why not share them with me. There is a comment box at the bottom of the page and you can add to this anytime you like.

What are your new ventures?

I will reveal all in the next post.

Have a great week whatever your plans and I’ll be back soon!

Much love

S xx