Is it ever too early to start planning for Chr … sorry nearly said the C word in the middle of June! However there are some fab deals about at the moment and I would hate for you to miss out on getting ahead on a bit of shopping or even getting some treats for yourself.

So I am going to start with a classic gift at anytime of year and in this house is always appreciated. I am of course talking socks! Whilst some people may think they are boring they are a needed and we don’t often get them for ourselves!

However with the Sock Shop I am sure you will want to get these for yourself and others!
Why not check them out!

More Deals!

One of my new favourite things is crystals!

They can be used to help with so many things and they make fantastic gifts as well. Whether you choose a Crystal to keep by your bed or a beautiful bracelet you can be assured of a fantastic product!

Here is the link to the store that I recommend

Showing crystals

Necklaces, Bracelets etc check out the link!

To be continued

I will continue to add any deals that I think might be of interest to you!

In the meantime if you know of any please do let me know!

Much love as always

S xx

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