Kitten sleeping

Bruno sleeping on the job!


Today I decided it was time to take this blogging to a new level. What I hadn’t realised was the amount of time I would have to put into this. It started off well but then, well lets just say technical issues arose! I am now sitting here with a stiff neck and aching shoulders. But I keep telling myself it will all be worth it and so it will.


I am aiming to add as many reviews to this site as possible. I am a member of a few product testing sites and will share my thoughts with you as I go.

Whilst on that subject if anyone is interested in reading about money  (aren’t we all?) please do take a moment to check out a few sites that I have been using to help me on my journey. They are :

Facebook – Your Money Sorted

This is an excellent resource if you want to find out how to make your money work better for you.


I am now going to walk away from the computer and have a much needed cuppa and some lunch. I am then off to see the chickens and “talk” to them!  Well they do supply us with the most delicious eggs so only fair that I have a little chat with them!

Much love S xxx