Reason 1 (stick with me on this one!)

Wow what a couple of weeks we have had here at Arewemad2HQ!

As most of you are aware we have a new puppy in the house. Shadow has been a real delight. So imagine our despair when within 24 hours he had gone from a happy, playful pup to a lethargic puppy with no energy to do anything.

So off to the vets we went to be told he had a high temperature (105.5F) and needed to be admitted to hospital straight away. (I later learnt that this is febrile convulsions territory)

He was put straight onto a drip and had lots of ice packs around him to get the temperature down.

That was on the Friday.

I had several calls from the vets with updates but he had to spend the night at the vets.
Saturday morning the phone rang. I knew the number but I didn’t want to answer it! But of course I did! Happy news he was allowed home!!!!

I have never before been so happy to see my boy! He was still poorly but out of the danger zone. Lots of medications were needed and a relaxing weekend.

I am delighted to report that since that weekend he has made a great recovery and is back to being the boisterous little man that he should be.

Reason 2

Another reason I have to be happy is the arrival of my new pony!

Ok I know we already have enough but I needed (yup needed!!) to get back out and ride.

His name is Cherokee Cheeky Charlie (I know we already have one Charlie so it could get confusing!)

Here he is when he first arrived

I will of course keep you all updated with our progress!

Reason 3

My husband and I (opps gone all posh there!!!) are celebrating our 30 year anniversary this year! How has that even happened? Surely it was only a few years ago we got married?!

We celebrated early with a night away at a beautiful hotel in Devon.

If you need a place to stay, along with great food and fantastic customer care then please do consider checking out Court Barn in Holsworthy, Devon.

So that’s my 3 reasons to be happy.

What are yours?

Leave a comment and let me know.

Take care, much love as always

S xx