Welcome one and all to my blog.

My name is Sarah.  I am a wife and mum. Mum to 2 children and, at the last count, 30 animals. My husband has said no more! But my answer is “you never know!”?  much to his annoyance. Life can be crazy sometimes with so many animals to love and care for but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

My hobbies include reading, when I have the time, writing, taking care of the animals and occasionally riding my lovely pony Wispa.

pony and snow

Me and my boy in the snow.

Oh and coffee, and yes it is a hobby with the amount of time I spend drinking the lovely stuff! Lovers of the bean will understand!

We live in a lovely rural community and we both work hard. I am a teacher without a class! Or Supply teacher is a better description. My husband works full time and after finishing work will often be found in the marquee (sounds posh!) working on restoring a Land Rover.

The purpose of this blog is to chronicle life in general. The children often providing me with lots of material that I use in posts! They don’t mind – well maybe they do a little bit ?

I also add reviews for products that I have used/tested. I am very honest with my reviews and if I don’t like something I will say. To me that is the whole point of reviewing!

I also pop up the odd link to Ebay/Amazon/other retailers, that I find interesting or useful. Please feel free to have a look at the items I post.

I have recently taken up writing again (not just this blog!) and have got lots of ideas for stories so as they say “watch this space” Hey even JK Rowling had to start somewhere!

I hope you will enjoy and interact with this blog as without you it is just me writing stuff about me, and that would be boring ?

logo for arewemad2

Of course there is coffee in the logo!